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Undertake international standard containers of various specifications

Shandong Longji Digital Container adopts the latest international process optimization design, combined with various types of advanced robots, to achieve a high degree of automation, fast production speed, and stable quality throughout the entire production line

Container specification standards

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Container transportation is an important mode of transportation in the multimodal transportation of international trade goods. Due to the advantages of high standardization, good sealing, low damage rate, intensification, scale, liner, low cost, and good quality in container transportation, the safety and efficiency of cargo transportation have been greatly improved. At present, international organizations responsible for formulating freight container standards include the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), etc. Among them, IMO mainly formulates safety operation standards for shipborne containers through its subsidiary Committee on Goods and Container Transport (CCC), and publishes them in the form of IMO documents. The ISO freight container standards are the responsibility of the ISO/TC104 International Container Standardization Technical Committee, which includes three major categories: industrial standards, transportation standards, and basic standards. (Extract from Baidu Baike)

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