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乐鱼体育app下载 - leyu乐鱼体育最新官网下载 乐鱼体育app下载 - leyu乐鱼体育最新官网下载

Undertake international standard containers of various specifications

Shandong Longji Digital Container adopts the latest international process optimization design, combined with various types of advanced robots, to achieve a high degree of automation, fast production speed, and stable quality throughout the entire production line

Classification of container usage scope

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In the early stages of container transportation, the structure and specifications of containers were different, which affected the international circulation of containers. It is urgent to develop international standards for containers in order to facilitate the development of container transportation. Container standardization can not only improve the universality and interchangeability of containers as a common transportation unit in sea, land, and air transportation, but also improve the safety and economy of container transportation, promoting the development of international container multimodal transportation. At the same time, the standardization of containers also provides a basis for the selection, design, and manufacturing of container transportation tools and loading and unloading machinery, making container transportation a mutually connected, specialized, and efficient transportation system. Container standards are divided into international standards, national standards, regional standards and company standards according to the scope of use. (Extract from Baidu Baike)

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